hey there!

My name is Paulina (although most call me Paul) and I am a Photographer based in San Diego, CA. Growing up, I always had a desire to pursue anything creative. I felt the most joy when I was able to express myself through music, art or photography. Once I decided I wanted to pursue art, I went to school and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from SDSU. However, during my studies, I took a photography class as an elective and immediately fell in love with it. At the time, it was more of a hobby, and in my free time I enjoyed going on trips to discover cool locations to shoot and explore. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided I wanted to pursue a real career through photography.

While I love Design, Photography is where I find my heart in most days. I love capturing nature, people, candid moments and really anything that grabs my eye. What makes my heart beat the fastest, however, is capturing couples in love. What it all comes down to is love really. To me, that is what we were put on this earth for. The old saying is “a picture can say a thousand words”, well, I truly believe this. I want my work to be raw and real, no stiff poses or awkward smiles. I want all the emotions, quirks, laughs, messy hair, gentle kisses and anything and everything that makes a couple unique. My goal as a photographer is to be able to provide couples with images they can look back at years later and recall exactly what they were feeling in that moment.

To share a little more about me, I love music in all forms. I play the guitar and piano and also sing. I love to rock out to Led Zepplin but equally love soft acoustic songs whose lyrics can touch your soul. I could eat Pizza everyday if I wanted to and sunsets are always my favorite thing to watch. I love to have fun and adventure in new places but I also love lazy days snuggled on the couch watching re-runs of friends or the office. I could go on about all of my likes and dislikes, but the truth is the best way to get to know me is to just hang out with me! 

Do we sound like a good fit?! If so please reach out and say hi and we can create something beautiful!